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Individual Sessions

Couples, family & group




Career Counseling




Life Events

Integrative Wellness;   psychotherapy w/ body movement, stretching. 

Dynamic Therapeutics;   animal, music, art, game-play involved therapy.


$65 - 45 minute session

Financial assistance available at discounted prices based on need.

Couples, Families, or Groups of 2+

Gottman, Family Systems, Attachment Styles, Communication & Conflict Resolution, Support Groups-TBD


$75 - 60 minute session

Blended Family Support

Financial assistance available at discounted prices based on need.


 Saving Your Marriage

Before It Starts.


Pre-marital Assessment, His/Hers Workbooks & and  4-6  sessions based on counselor's discretion.


Re-marriage & Step-family 



Financial Assistance determination may take up to 3 business days for new clients.  If you are a new client hoping to receive a discounted rate, we recommend you request your first appointment at least 7 days in advance. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you can request a Financial Assistance Application to be sent through your online client portal. That application will guide you through the necessary steps. If you have scheduled at least 7 days in advance, and qualify for financial assistance, your rate should be adjusted before your first appointment. We understand that emergent situations do come up though, and we do our best to work with you!

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